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me: *cries over tv show*
me: *loses sleep over tv show*
me: *requires emotional help because of tv show*
me: but it's so good

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“And I understand. I understand why people hold hands: I’d always thought it was about possessiveness, saying ‘This is mine’. But it’s about maintaining contact. It is about speaking without words. It is about I want you with me and don’t go.”
- She was always holding my hand (via everythingyoulovetoohate)


sarah manning alphabet meme

E is for Elizabeth Childs (Roommates & Twins AU)

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the three most important lesbian fandom colours: blue, orange, and black

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The joke that Bender tells but never finishes (while crawling through the ceiling) actually has no punchline. According to Judd Nelson, he ad-libbed the line. Originally, he was supposed to tell a joke that would end when he came back into the library and said, “Forgot my pencil”, but no one could come up with a joke for that punchline.

Did they just make up this entire movie on the spot.

Yes, yes they did.

Blues resolved #mondayblues - @maddenrichard

Blues resolved #mondayblues - @maddenrichard

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“Don’t live the same year 75 times and call it a life.”

Robin Sharma (via severs)

This hit me like a brick…

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for nitya (purpleninjaelf22)
tris prior/rapunzel fanart (x) | enjorlas fanart (x)

for nitya (purpleninjaelf22)

tris prior/rapunzel fanart (x) | enjorlas fanart (x)


welcome to the soccer cop network, a network for people who spend their lives obsessing over the relationship between alison hendrix and beth childs. this network will be a safe haven where soccer cop lovers can cry about their favorite clone-on-clone ship and make new friends who feel the same way that they do.

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  • fill out this easy survey (don’t skip this as this is how i choose members)
  • i want this post to get at least… 50 notes? or this never happened
  • love soccer cop and orphan black
  • friendly bloggers
  • people who blog about orphan black (multifandom is fine too)
  • i will message you to let you know that you’re in
  • i’ll give you a link to join the blog where we’ll do all of our fun stuff
  • track the tag #soccercopnetwork for updates
  • i will follow you if i’m not already following you
  • i encourage you to follow other members of the network but it’s not required!
  • try to help keep the network active :)
  • new friends that you can cry about soccer cop with!
  • a follow from me and most likely the other members of the network
  • a spot on the members page
  • access to a special blog just for the members of the network
  • help with fanfiction, fanart, fanmixes, etc. when needed
  • a place where you can talk about soccer cop all you want and nobody will think you’re crazy for it!!

that’s all! i’ll be choosing how many members will be in this network based on how many notes this post gets. good luck and if you have any questions feel free to ask me!

I’m proud to portray a lesbian character and hope I can inspire young teens to love themselves in the process.”

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Cophine + Touching

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